Solo Art Show, May 2018, NYC


The Cactus In The Corner, a new series of paintings by Cerise Zelenetz, is an evocative venture into the inexplicable predilections to certain objects formed genetically, exploring how this bond permeates each of our own ongoing histories.

Dead since the 70’s, the eponymous cactus in the corner is a very real fixture of the artist’s Lower East Side apartment that has been in her family since 1958. It remains as a totemic emblem of her ancestry, and serves as the starting point for the artist’s analysis of her own connection to her enveloping past. Through this series of unconventionally unstretched, large-scale canvas paintings, the artist implements her signature combination of bleeding color and delicate penmanship to make sense of the unconscious osmosis of ancestry, and how relics from the past serve as stoic clues into the impetus behind our emotional impulses. 



New York, NY, 10002



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